Ballets Russes Arts Initiative is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that fosters international creative exchange in the visual and performing arts and film, with a special focus on the post-Soviet States and Eastern Europe (which we describe together as Eurasia). Inspired by the example of Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes, BRAI presents collaborative, creative, and educational programming by building institutional partnerships with museums, performing companies, universities, and individual art-makers. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, it carries out public programming and outreach events throughout Massachusetts, New England and the East Coast, as well as internationally. Its BR360 Membership program also offers exclusive experiences in the Boston area.


To foster creative exchange and connect communities in the United States and Eurasia through the arts that embodied the creativity of the Ballets Russes: visual and performing arts and film.


Inspired by the innovative and international legacy of the original Ballets Russes performing company, BRAI strives to connect American audiences to the widest range of challenging, thought-provoking, creative and educational programs and events, and to foster partnerships regionally, across the USA and internationally.

Board and Officers

Executive Director, Anna Winestein
Chairman, Raoul Alcala
Treasurer, George Gagliardi
Chairman Emeritus, Peter Rand
Nirjhar Chatterjee
Stephen McCarthy
Kent dur Russell
Jeffrey Sexton
Maria Yulikova

Artist In Residence:
Paulius Pancekauskas

Curator of Diversity and Access & Collaborative Pianist:
Jane (Ye) Hua

Yuzhu Wang


The inspiration behind BRAI is a legendary performing company with Russian roots that flowered in Europe and became a unique example of international collaboration and cultural exchange, transforming the aesthetic environment of modern life. Between 1909 and 1929 this troupe crossed aesthetic and national boundaries, awakening audiences to a new artistic vision, spurring innovation in the fine arts and helping cement lasting ties between Russia, Europe and America.

In May 2009 the Ballets Russes Cultural Partnership (as BRAI was then known) presented the Ballets Russes 2009 festival, which honored the artistic innovations and lasting influence of the Ballets Russes on Western culture. The only festival of its kind in the US, it explored all of the art forms influenced by the Ballets Russes, and brought together in Boston participant institutions and individuals from Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the New England Area. The program of events included dance and musical performance, exhibitions, films, an academic conference, a ball and other activities. Before the centenary, beginning in 2007, BRCP organized programming that included performances and lectures. Since 2010, BRAI/BRCP has continued to present events in Boston and elsewhere in the US, most recently several film festivals and series, and has worked to develop cultural projects, especially exhibitions, in Russia and other post-Soviet countries.


BRAI aspires to be a broker of innovative collaboration between arts institutions and audiences in the independent states created out of the former Soviet Union, and in the US (as well as other countries), leading to exchange of ideas and developing greater cultural understanding between people. In facilitating international projects in the visual and performing arts, BRAI strives to enrich the arts and disseminate novel ideas and approaches that lead to cultural flowering and harmonious international dialogue. Inspired by the innovative and international aesthetic legacy of the Ballets Russes, BRAI was founded in 2007 to broaden the cross-border sharing of cultural riches by addressing two challenges that hinder successful engagement: underdeveloped institutional and personal relationships, as well as arts institutions that are burdened with multiple objectives. BRAI serves the general public as well as students, scholars and seniors, focusing its energies not only on major metropolitan but satellite communities.


Our new address:

50 Milk St, 16th Floor, Boston, MA 02109

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