January 2-19, 2014

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

    To celebrate the New England premiere of the concluding film in Alexander Sokurov's "Men of Power" tetralogy, the Film Program of the Museum of Fine Arts and the B.R. Cultural Partnership have teamed up on a retrospective of the entire series. The three previous films have explored the urge to power and its dissipative and destructive impact on three infamous rulers of 20th century states, namely Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Lenin and Emperor Hirohito. Faust turns to allegory, by examining a similar process through a fictional character, Heinrich Faust. Whereas Sokurov presents Hitler, Lenin and Hirohito already at the apogee, even the wane, of their power, with Faust he gives viewers the entire intellectual and spiritual trajectory of a man who seems as much hero as antihero. With all his subjects, Sokurov bends and adapts history and fiction to his will, and combines it with formidable acting performances and inventive and stunning visuals to create immersive, enthralling viewing experiences.

The series is co-presented by the Film Program at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and the B.R. Cultural Partnership.

All screenings are at the MFA, 465 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115
Unless otherwise specified, admission is $11 Regular; $9 members & seniors. To purchase tickets online, please follow the links provided below.

Russia/Germany, 1999, 108 minutes, German with English subtitles

In an ominous fortress perched high above the clouds, everything seems in order for a reposing 24-hour retreat. It is the spring of 1942, and Eva Braun is the only voice that dares to contradict the Fuhrer. Shot in part at the original fortress at Hitler’s retreat in the Bavarian Alps, Eva is caught up in the complexities of a man incapable of human intimacy, making her as volcanic as her beloved Hitler.

January 2, 5:00 PM CANCELLED due to weather
January 4, 2:30 PM Remis Auditorium
January 16, 4:30 PM Remis Auditorium, Admission $8/$7

Russia, 2001, 104 minutes, Russian and German with English subtitles

Chronicling Lenin’s last days in his estate outside Moscow, Taurus portrays an old man aware of this human failings and personal disappointment, his ramblings both poetic and pathetic. Sokurov is not interested in Lenin’s philosophies, but the ugliness and emptiness of his quest for absolute power, and he depicts Lenin not as the mythic Russian figure, but as a physically ill man crying out in anguish.

January 3, 7:30 PM CANCELLED due to weather
January 5, 12:30 PM Remis Auditorium
January 16, 7:00 pm Replacement Screening for Jan. 3, Remis Auditorium

The Sun
France/Italy/Russia/Switzerland, 2005, 110 min, Japanese w/ English subtitles

Sokurov’s Russian biographical film offers a mesmerizing tour of Emperor Hirohito’s final days in power during the waning moments of WWII. Hirohito wanders through his palace in denial, but reality soon intrudes, as American soldiers overrun his gardens and nightmare visions of Hiroshima invade his dreams. The Sun is an elegantly constructed meditation on absolute power and how it dissipates the man who wields it.

January 11, 12:00 PM Remis Auditorium, Admission $8/$7
January 12, 3:00 PM Remis Auditorium
January 15, 4:30 PM Alfond Auditorium, Admission $8/$7

Russia, 2011, 140 minutes, German with English subtitles

Employing elaborate camera movements, a dense sound design, and spectacular locations, Faust conjures up a unique and phantasmagoric vision of this legendary tale. Heinrich Faust is a man in search of Enlightenment ideals, but he becomes obsessed with the lovely Magarethe and eventually sells his soul to the Devil so that he may possess her. “An eccentric interpretation . . . mesmerizing, at times predictably if divertingly bewildering and beautiful, with images that burn into your memory” (The New York Times).

January 8, 7:00 PM Remis Auditorium
January 9, 4:00 PM Remis Auditorium, Admission $8/$7
January 10, 7:00 PM Remis Auditorium
January 11, 2:30 PM Remis Auditorium
January 12, 12:00 PM Remis Auditorium
January 15, 7:30 PM Alfond Auditorium
January 17, 4:00 PM Remis Auditorium, Admission $8/$7
January 18, 12:30 PM Remis Auditorium
January 19, 10:30 AM Remis Auditorium, Admission $8/$7

Faust Moloch Taurus The Sun Faust

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